Published July 2019
    Report # IQT-QCS-0719

    This report is a fundamental strategic guide to what the major companies are planning in both quantum computing hardware and computing software.  It is based on 35 interviews with key influencers at commercial quantum computing companies, as well as academic and government players. This has been complemented with material from published sources including Inside Quantum Technology’s own industry analysis. We

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    Published October 2020
    Report # IQT-QCM-1020

    This report is the first publicly available forecast of quantum computers in volume and value terms. The report examines the current activities of quantum computer companies around the world around the world and builds a forecast of both production and install base in both volume and value terms with breakouts by technology, end-user type and vendor nationality. There are also

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    Published January 2018
    Report # #IQT-QT-0118

    This report examines the major applications for quantum computing. Questions answered in this report: Which end-user communities will be the first to adopt quantum computing and what is the timeframe in which they will need to migrate from classical supercomputers to quantum computer platforms? What software will be required for early-stage quantum computing and how is that likely to evolve

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    Published April 2019
    Report # IQT-QKD-0419

    Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is one of two encryption technologies designed to protect critical data in the quantum era.  QKD– in theory at least – leads to intrinsically unbreakable data transmission.  When Inside Quantum Technology published its first report on QKD a few years ago, QKD was mostly experimental and aimed at government/military markets.  However, as discussed in this new

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    Published December 2021
    Report # IQT-QKD2021-1221

    Inside Quantum Technology has provided coverage of the Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) since 2014 and publishes an annual ten-year market forecast. This report is the latest of these QKD market studies. In this edition, there have been major revisions including (1) a complete revision of our forecasts to take account of the likely price reductions as QKD chips appear and

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    Published July 2020
    Report # IQT-QKD-0720

    Inside Quantum Technology has provided coverage of the Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) since 2014 and publishes an annual ten-year market forecast. This report is the latest of these our QKD market studies. It updates the forecasts and analyses the key QKD industry developments over the period since the previous IQT report. Inside Quantum Technology was the first industry analysis firm

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    Published April 2020
    Report # IQT-QMM-0420

    This report is the first industry analysis report to analyze the market for quantum magnetometers.  This is a market that Inside Quantum Technology believes will grow to well over $700 million by 2025 driven by compelling value propositions in medicine, the military, and geophysical applications. This report examines both technical and market factors driving the market for quantum magnetometers: Geophysical

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    Published September 2020
    Report # IQT-IQN-0920

    The primary goal of this report is to present detailed ten-year forecasts for quantum networking opportunities and deployments over the coming decade. As far as is possible we present these numbers in value and volume terms. Today there increasing talk about the Quantum Internet.  This network will have the same geographical breadth of coverage as today’s Internet but where the

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    Published March 2021
    Report # IQT-QPC-0321

    In the past year, the quantum computing industry has gained a new sense of confidence. Instead of fighting battles again quantum skeptics, quantum computer firms mostly believe that these battles have been won and the task now is now to create roadmaps to much faster/higher capacity quantum machines that are unquestionably powerful enough to achieve so-called quantum advantage. These roadmaps

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    Published January 2021
    Report # IQT-QRNG-0121

    Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs) have taken on an important new role in the quantum technology business in the past year or so. They have proved to be a key enabling technology for quantum-level security in mobile devices, data centers and medical implants, to name just a few key areas. QRNGs have also provided a welcome improvement for standard RNGs,

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    Published December 2022
    Report # IQT-QRNG2023-1222

    QRNG is the first true source of random numbers, as all other methods currently in place rely on classical (deterministic) physics. During 2021 and 2022, the QRNG market has been undergoing significant shifts, both in terms of product design and in terms of market value. The QRNG market has its roots in the casino and military market but promises new

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