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Published May 2023
Report IQT-PQC2023-0523

This is the latest IQT Research report on business opportunities in post-quantum cryptography (PQC). The day when commonly used encryption schemes will be breakable by quantum computers is drawing closer. It may be just three-to-five years away if so...

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Published December 2022
Report IQT-QTIR2022-0423

Published Yearly in April beginning 2023 IQT’s Quantum Technology Industry Report 2022 is the first annual publication to provide the latest information you need to stay informed and expand your knowledge of the rapidly evolving qu...

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Published December 2022
Report IQT-MQR2022-1222

Several years ago, IQT Research was the first research firm ever to forecast the market for quantum repeaters. We have always believed that the quantum repeater is the enabling technology that will propel the Quantum Internet from a disconnected coll...

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Published December 2022
Report IQT-QRNG2023-1222

QRNG is the first true source of random numbers, as all other methods currently in place rely on classical (deterministic) physics. During 2021 and 2022, the QRNG market has been undergoing significant shifts, both in terms of product design and in t...

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Published July 2022
Report IQT-BLOCKCHAIN2022-0722

This report identifies the challenges and opportunities that arise from the threat that quantum computers pose to the “blockchain” mechanism that makes cryptocurrencies viable as a form of money as well as playing an important role in fut...

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Published June 2022
Report IQT-QN2022-0622

This report analyzes business opportunities in the quantum networking market as it makes its transition from QKD testbeds to full-service repeater-based quantum internets. The report identifies quantum networking market opportunities in a number of a...

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Published April 2022
Report IQT-QS2022-0422

It has been three years since IQT Research published a market assessment of the of the quantum sensor sector; much has changed. Quantum sensors are rapidly commercializing. For example, we are entering an era when quantum sensors will become day-to-d...

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Published January 2022
Report IQT-QCFSI-0122

In late 2019, Bank of America claimed quantum computing “would be as revolutionary in the 2020s as smartphones were in the 2010s.” Goldman Sachs was quoted in January 2020 saying quantum computing has the potential to become a critical technology...

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Published December 2021
Report IQT-QKD2021-1221

Inside Quantum Technology has provided coverage of the Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) since 2014 and publishes an annual ten-year market forecast. This report is the latest of these QKD market studies. In this edition, there have been major revisions...

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Published August 2021
Report IQT-PQC2021-0821

IQT Research prepares an annual report on the business opportunities in post-quantum cryptography (PQC). This report is the latest in the series. Since the previous report, NIST has announced which candidate algorithms have been selected to advance t...

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Published June 2021
Report IQT-QCFS-0621

This new report analyzes the opportunity for quantum computing in the financial services sector and forecasts its level of capital and service expenditures on quantum computing in the next five years. IQT Research believes that this sector has the fu...

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