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IQT Research offers customized consulting that provides clients with analysis and forecasts that go beyond what is available in our published reports. The final deliverable – in the form of a report or final presentation –offers clients strategic guidance on many aspects of their quantum technology businesses. Our coverage provides insight for those companies offering quantum technology systems, components, materials and software


Analysts: Our analysts are experienced in understanding how high-technology industries – and the quantum technology business in particular-operate with regard to marketing, business development, product design and finance.

Forecasting: We bring to our consulting assignments a forecasting methodology that has been tried and tested in several high-technology industries over the past 35 years. We
also are unique in having in-house models of the entire quantum technology sector with numerous breakouts and projections and are able to customize these models to the needs of our clients.

Areas of Expertise
Areas of Expertise

– Quantun Computing
– Quantum Components
– Quantum Repeaters
– Quantum Encryption and Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC)
– Quantum Networks
– Quantum Sensors
– Quantum Processors
– Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)
– Quantum Technology for Blockchain
– Quantum in Financial Services
– Quantum Magnetometers
– Atomic Clocks

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