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Valtteri Lahtinen, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of Quanscient, is an IQT Nordics 2024 Speaker

Valtteri Lahtinen, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder of Quanscient, is an IQT Nordics Conference Speaker in 2024.
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 15 Feb 2024

The IQT Nordics conference in June 2024 will highlight the contributions of Dr. Valtteri Lahtinen, the Chief Scientific Officer at Quanscient, a company at the forefront of merging cloud and quantum computing to create the simulation platform of the future. With a rich academic background and international research experience, Dr. Lahtinen brings invaluable insights into the intersection of quantum computing, computational electromagnetics, and applied mathematics.

Having held appointments at both Tampere and Aalto University in Finland, Dr. Lahtinen has established himself as a respected figure in the academic community. His role as a visiting researcher at the University of Montreal, Boston University, and the University of Bologna further underscores his active engagement with the global scientific community, enhancing his research in quantum computing and related fields.

Dr. Lahtinen’s research interests and output cover a broad spectrum at Quanscient, from quantum computing to computational electromagnetics and applied mathematics. This diverse expertise is crucial for addressing the complex challenges inherent in developing advanced simulation platforms that leverage both cloud and quantum computing technologies.

At Quanscient, Dr. Lahtinen leads the development of a cutting-edge simulation platform that aims to harness the power of quantum computing to revolutionize various industries, including engineering, materials science, and beyond. This platform represents a significant step forward in computational capabilities, offering the potential to solve problems that are currently intractable for classical computers.

During the IQT Nordics conference, Dr. Lahtinen is expected to share insights into the development of Quanscient’s simulation platform and the role of quantum computing in advancing computational electromagnetics and applied mathematics. His presentation will likely delve into the technical challenges and breakthroughs associated with integrating quantum computing into cloud-based simulation platforms, as well as the potential applications and impact of this technology across different sectors.

IQT Nordics/Helsinki, June 24-26, Aalto University, Dipoli Building, Helsinki
The second annual Nordics conference partners with Bluefors, Business Finland, The Finnish Quantum Institute, and VTT and will focus on real-world quantum technology applications.

Register for the IQT Nordics Conference here.

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