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Honourable Brenda Bailey, Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation for the Government of British Columbia is a 2024 IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim Speaker

Honorable Brenda Bailey, Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation for the Government of British Columbia is a 2024 IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim Speaker
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 08 May 2024

The Honourable Brenda Bailey, British Columbia’s Minister of Jobs, Economic Development, and Innovation, will speak at the upcoming IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim conference. Minister Bailey, a small businessperson and tech entrepreneur, was elected as the MLA for Vancouver-False Creek in 2020 and took on her current ministerial role in December 2022. She brings a wealth of experience in economic innovation and community service, having dedicated her career to creating more inclusive opportunities within the tech industry and beyond.

Minister Bailey is particularly noted for co-founding Canada’s first women-owned and operated video game studio, highlighting her pioneering efforts to foster inclusivity in technology sectors traditionally dominated by men. She further contributed to British Columbia’s economic diversification as the former head of DigiBC. In this interactive and digital marketing association, she supported the growth of the creative tech industry.

Minister Bailey will discuss the provincial government’s Stronger BC Economic Plan at the conference, emphasizing innovation, support for businesses, and sustainable development. Her presentation will outline strategic initiatives to integrate advanced technologies, including quantum computing, into broader economic contexts to foster growth that benefits all constituents. Her insights will be crucial for understanding the intersection of public policy and technological advancement in shaping regional economic landscapes.

IQT Vancouver · Pacific Rim 2024: Quantum Computing, Communications, and Security—Pathways to Real-World Solutions.

With Vancouver as North America’s gateway to the Pacific Rim, IQT and the Quantum Algorithms Institute are bringing together partners across North America and Asia to showcase the state of quantum computing, communications, and security. This international conference moves beyond the quantum hype to profile quantum computing, communications technologies, and quantum expertise in real-world settings. Sessions will highlight practical applications of quantum algorithms and networking in pharmaceuticals, transportation, finance, and more industries. Attendees will include industry and government executives, end-users, and investors who will learn about the latest developments in these technologies, pathways for companies to get ready for quantum solutions, and ethics and policy considerations in this fast-growing industry.

Register for IQT Vancouver/Pacific Rim 2024 here. 

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