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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 74: Quantum AI with Enrique Lizaso Olmos, CEO Multiverse Computing

By Christopher Bishop posted 12 Jun 2024

My latest Quantum Tech Pod with Enrique Lizaso Olmos, Founder and CEO of Multiverse Computing, is live!

Enrique has a degree in mathematics, a PhD in biostatistics, an MD, and an MBA. He is also a former university professor, having taught engineering, mechatronics, statistics, finance, and marketing at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

For 22 years, Enrique was Deputy CEO at Unnim Bank and was actively involved in various startups across different verticals. Plus, he serves as VP and Treasurer of the Barcelona Flight School – he has a pilot’s license!

In 2016, he read a piece in The Economist that stated quantum computing would essentially revolutionize everything. So, in 2019, he co-founded Multiverse Computing with three colleagues, and they started working on quantum for finance, a domain that he knew well.

BBVA was one of their first clients – addressing portfolio optimization for the bank. They now also focus on Monte Carlo simulations, index tracking, ETFs, as well as pricing and value in large, complex derivatives.

Today, they are the biggest quantum computing software company in the EU.

Their purpose-built software platform, Singularity, lets users choose quantum-inspired solutions or pure quantum ones and works across the landscape of qubit modalities: superconducting, photonics, neutral atoms, ion traps, etc.

In 2023, CB Insights named Multiverse Computing “one of the 100 most promising companies in AI in the world” based on their ability to efficiently compress an LLM Model in a sustainable way through tensorization, thus saving time and maintaining performance.

Check out my fascinating conversation with Enrique!

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