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Quantum News Briefs: February 26, 2024: Terra Quantum collaborates with POSCO Holdings to improve steel production efficiency with Quantum AI; University of South Hampton Scientists closer to solving mysteries of universe after measuring gravity in quantum world; Paderborn University Scientists Create New Technique to Determine Quantum States; “Wall Street Favorites: 3 Quantum Computing Stocks with Strong Buy Ratings for February 2024”; and MORE!

IQT The Hague Update: Sorbonne University Associate Professor and Co-Founder of CryptoNext Security, Ludovic Perret, is a 2024 Speaker

For the IQT The Hague conference, Ludovic Perret, an associate professor at Sorbonne University and a co-Founder of CryptoNext Security, stands out as a distinguished participant,...

February 23, 2024 | By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry

IQT’s “Journal Club:” Dealing with Electronic Noise in Quantum Materials

IQT's "Journal Club" is a weekly article series that breaks down a recent quantum technology research paper and discusses its impacts on the quantum ecosystem.  This article...

February 23, 2024 | By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry

Quantum Particulars Guest Column: “How Colorado Became the Silicon Valley of Quantum”

"Quantum Particulars" is an editorial guest column featuring exclusive insights and interviews with quantum researchers, developers, and experts looking at key challenges and...

February 22, 2024 | By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry

Women of Quantum Technology: Allison Schwartz of D-Wave

Quantum technology, a field at the forefront of scientific innovation, finds a dynamic advocate in Allison Schwartz, Vice President of Global Government Relations and Public...

February 21, 2024 | By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry

Making Quantum Computing Cheaper and More Expensive-Reviewing Q-CTRL’s Fire Opal: By Brian Siegelwax

This article started off intending to demonstrate how using Q-CTRL’s Fire Opal application can save you money on quantum computer hardware access. And it’ll start off doing that....

February 21, 2024 | By Guest Author

Carmen Palacios-Berraquero, Founder and CEO of Nu Quantum, is an IQT The Hague 2024 Speaker

In April, Carmen Palacios-Berraquero, the pioneering founder and Chief Executive of Nu Quantum, a forefront Quantum Computer Networking company based in Cambridge, UK, will speak...

February 20, 2024 | By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry

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