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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 71: Lawrence Gasman, President, IQT Research – Inside Quantum Technology

Lawrence Gasman President of IQT Research, speaks to host Christopher Bishop about his work at IQT and the trends in quantum tech.
By Christopher Bishop posted 01 May 2024

My latest Quantum Tech Pod with Lawrence Gasman, President of IQT Research, is live! 

Lawrence Gasman, a renowned expert in quantum technology, hails from North London and is an alumnus of Manchester University, where he studied mathematics and philosophy. He further honed his skills with an MBA from the prestigious London Business School. 

Over the past 30 years, Lawrence set up several market research companies specializing in different technologies, with the most continued focus on telecommunications.

He and I discussed the range of topics he covers in his role as President of  IQT Research, including guidance on telecom, advanced materials, smart tech markets, and an emphasis on quantum technology.

Lawrence and his team will be publishing the Quantum Technology Industry Report 2024 in the next few weeks. It is a treasure trove of insights for executives, offering a comprehensive perspective on today’s quantum technology landscape, including market forecasts, initiatives at major companies, and potential investment opportunities. 

If you want to know how Roche uses quantum computers to design drugs or what JP Morgan is doing on portfolio optimization, the QTIR 2024 provides guidance to help you understand how specific verticals are leveraging quantum technologies.

Listeners can download an excerpt today from the main IQT website.

Check out my wide-ranging conversation with Lawrence!

The “Quantum Tech Pod” podcast, hosted by Christopher Bishop from Inside Quantum Technology (IQT), offers a deep dive into the rapidly evolving world of quantum technology. Christopher, an industry expert, engages with leading figures in the field, discussing the latest developments, breakthroughs, and challenges in quantum computing, communication, sensing, and cryptography. The podcast is an informative platform for experts and enthusiasts, providing insights into how quantum technology shapes the future and its implications across various industries. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just curious about quantum technology, “Quantum Tech Pod” delivers engaging conversations illuminating this cutting-edge field.

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