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Jan W. Thomsen, COO of the Quantum Computing Programme at the Novo Nordisk Foundation, is an IQT Nordics 2024 Speaker

Jan W. Thomsen, COO of the Quantum Computing Program at the Novo Nordisk Foundation, will speak at IQT Nordics in June 2024
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 30 Apr 2024

Dr. Jan W. Thomsen, a distinguished figure in quantum physics and metrology, brings a wealth of expertise to his role as the Chief Operating Officer of the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s Quantum Computing Program, which he will share at the IQT Nordics conference in June.

With over two decades of experience in atomic, molecular, and optical physics, as well as quantum optics and nonlinear optics, Dr. Thomsen’s academic and professional journey is marked by significant contributions to the quantum sciences. Educated at the University of Copenhagen and the Université de Paris-Sud, his extensive background ensures a deep understanding of quantum technologies’ theoretical and practical aspects.

Before his current role, Dr. Thomsen served as the Head of the Department at the Niels Bohr Institute from 2017 to 2023, overseeing a period of substantial growth and innovation. His leadership extended beyond administrative duties, as he continued to push the boundaries of research in quantum metrology and quantum optics, which has been foundational in advancing our understanding of quantum phenomena.

At the upcoming IQT Nordics conference, scheduled for late June, Dr. Thomsen will deliver a presentation highlighting the latest advancements and future directions of the Novo Nordisk Quantum Computing Program. His talk is expected to provide critical insights into the challenges and opportunities within quantum computing, focusing on how new quantum technologies can be developed and utilized in various fields, including healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Thomsen’s presentation will reflect on his extensive research and his experiences coordinating national efforts in quantum technology at the University of Copenhagen, shedding light on the collaborative efforts needed to drive innovation in this rapidly evolving domain.

IQT Nordics/Helsinki, June 24-26, Aalto University, Dipoli Building, Helsinki
The second annual Nordics conference partners with Bluefors, Business Finland, The Finnish Quantum Institute, and VTT and will focus on real-world quantum technology applications.

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