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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 72: Andrei Dragomir, Aquark Technologies

CEO of Aquark Technologies Andrei Dragomir speaks with podcast host Christopher Bishop about his journey into the quantum industry and founding Aquark Technologies.
By Christopher Bishop posted 15 May 2024

My latest Quantum Tech Pod with Andrei Dragomir – Co-Founder and CEO of quantum company Aquark Technologies is live!

Andrei grew up in Romania in a house with a scientific focus: his mother is a professor of physics, and his father is an engineer. 

He remembers as a kid going to his mom’s lab after school, where his toys of choice were the devices lying around—the optics, the lasers, the electronics.

He moved to the UK to study, and for the first two-thirds of his PhD at the University of Southampton, he focused on microfabrication and vacuum science rather than quantum physics.

Aquark Technologies was spun out of the University of Southampton in 2021 to develop the world’s smallest plug-and-play cold atom quantum device.

Andrei and I discussed recent developments in cold atom technology, including the invention of “super molasses,” which simplifies miniaturizing and mainstreaming this technology. One application is a “gravity camera,” which can scan large areas simultaneously and monitor long-term gravity signatures.

The company has been selected for the Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) initiative, a NATO-funded accelerator program.

Aquark aims to miniaturize quantum devices for multiple real-world applications, such as sensing, computing, and communications, leveraging cold atom technology.

Check out my wide-ranging conversation with Andrei!

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