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Quantum News Briefs: May 16, 2024: News From House of Quantum Delta NL • Q-CTRL and Qatar • D-Wave • ISC 2024 • Algorithmiq and Qradle • and the quantum computing stock market

IQT News — Quantum News Briefs
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 16 May 2024

Quantum news briefs, May 16, 2024: Press release summaries below: 

New House of Quantum building symbolizes rapid growth of Dutch quantum ecosystem

Pilot project: export control as a service! | Quantum Delta NL

The House of Quantum in Delft, Netherlands, celebrated the opening of its second location, marking a significant step towards establishing the world’s first national quantum campus. The event was attended by notable figures, including His Majesty King Carl Gustav XVI of Sweden and Erik Ekudden, CTO of Ericsson, highlighting its prominence in the global tech landscape. The DT01 building, inaugurated by King’s Commissioner Jaap Smit and Loco-Mayor Frank van Vliet, aims to unify local and international stakeholders in quantum technology development. Quantum Delta NL, which spearheads the initiative, received substantial support from the National Growth Fund, enabling it to drive advancements in digital security, healthcare, and more, thus reinforcing the Netherlands’ pivotal role in the quantum sector.

Q-CTRL and Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s College of Science and Engineering Partner to Equip the Next Generation Quantum Workforce in Qatar

Q-CTRL, a quantum control infrastructure software leader, has partnered with Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s College of Science and Engineering in Qatar to establish a future quantum workforce through top-tier education and software. Announced alongside CEO Professor Michael J Biercuk’s participation at the Qatar Economic Forum, the collaboration involves HBKU’s new Qatar Center for Quantum Computing (QC2) utilizing Q-CTRL’s educational and performance-management software, including Black Opal and Fire Opal. These tools will support QC2’s educational programs and research, enhancing quantum computing’s utility and helping build a skilled quantum workforce. This initiative marks a critical step in fostering academia-industry partnerships and positions Qatar as an emerging global quantum technology sector leader.

D-Wave to Present at Reuters Supply Chain USA 2024

D-Wave Systems Inc. ~ Sustainable Development Technology Canada

D-Wave Quantum Inc., a leader in quantum computing solutions, announced its participation in the upcoming Reuters Supply Chain USA 2024 conference in Atlanta. The event, scheduled for May 22 and 23, will gather over 700 supply chain professionals to discuss resilient strategies amid global risks. D-Wave’s VP of Quantum Technology Evangelism, Murray Thom, will explore how quantum and hybrid-quantum technologies can address complex optimization challenges in supply chain logistics and manufacturing. The company’s involvement marks its initial engagement with this key industry event, highlighting its strategic focus on integrating quantum computing into supply chain management to enhance adaptability and efficiency in response to dynamic market challenges.

HPCQS at ISC 2024: Ongoing Event Showcases Quantum Advancements

At the ISC 2024 conference in Hamburg, the HPCQS consortium announced the upcoming installation of Europe’s first 100-qubit analog quantum computer by Pasqal at CEA’s TGCC in France, set to be operational by September 2024. This device, acquired by GENCI for the HPCQS European project, will be integrated with the Joliot-Curie supercomputer, enhancing the region’s quantum computing capabilities. A similar system will also be installed at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre later in the year. Concurrently, Pasqal is showcasing this technology at ISC, demonstrating its potential integration with supercomputing resources and revealing expansions to the HPC-QC software environment with tools like Callisto and MIMIQ. These developments signify a pivotal advancement in Europe’s quantum computing landscape, aiming to facilitate robust HPC/quantum computing applications across the continent.

In Other News: American Health Association article: “3 Companies Hope to Advance Health Research in a Quantum Leap” 

American Hospital Association.  Advancing Health in America

Cleveland Clinic and IBM have launched a 10-year quantum computing initiative to revolutionize healthcare through advanced computational technologies, including high-performance computing, AI, and ML. As part of this initiative, three startups—Algorithmiq, Picture Health, and Qradle—have been selected for a 24-week Quantum Innovation Catalyzer Program, according to an American Health Association article. These companies will collaborate with Cleveland Clinic’s experts to develop quantum computing applications in life sciences and healthcare. Algorithmiq is working on software to understand photon-drug interactions for cancer treatment better, Picture Health is enhancing AI diagnostics for oncologists, and Qradle is developing quantum software to accelerate drug discovery. This collaborative effort not only showcases the potential of quantum computing in medical advancements but also integrates entrepreneurs into the development process, preparing them to present their findings to a network of investors and partners.

In Other News: The Debrief article: “DARPA Funds Military Grade Quantum Laser”

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According to a recent Debrief article, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded a $1 million grant to Washington University in St. Louis to develop a military-grade quantum laser. This innovative prototype will utilize quantum entanglement to enhance the performance of communication and surveillance lasers under challenging conditions such as extreme temperatures, dense fog, or long distances. Led by Associate Professor Jung-Tsung Shen, the team aims to create a “quantum photonic-dimer laser,” which combines two colors of light particles that are entangled, allowing the laser to transmit information with significantly less loss over vast distances. This breakthrough could not only advance military capabilities but also hold potential for civilian uses in quantum computing and advanced communication systems, positioning this technology as a foundational step towards exploiting quantum entanglement in various high-tech applications.

In Other News: Nasdaq article: “1 Quantum Computing Stock That Could Double in Value” 

Nasdaq Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand

IonQ Inc., a Maryland-based quantum computing company, reported a significant increase in Q1 revenue, achieving $7.58 million, a 77% rise year-over-year and surpassing Wall Street forecasts, highlights a recent Nasdaq article. Despite a volatile stock performance with a 25.6% drop in 2024, IONQ has recently rebounded, gaining over 32% since mid-April. The company, valued at $1.9 billion and a member of the Russell 2000 Index, offers generalized quantum computing systems and access through major cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure Quantum. Although the quarterly loss widened to $39.6 million, IonQ exceeded earnings expectations and holds a strong cash reserve of $434 million. With optimistic analyst ratings and a revenue forecast between $37 million and $41 million for the year, IonQ is positioned for robust growth in the quantum computing sector.

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