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IQT Nordics Update: Bluefors Chief Technical Operating Officer, Anssi Salmela, is a 2024 Speaker

Anssi Salmela, Chief Technical Operations Officer of Bluefors, will be a June 2024 IQT Nordics Speaker
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 02 Feb 2024

The IQT Nordics conference, taking place in late June 2024, will feature Anssi Salmela, Chief Technical Operations Officer at Bluefors, a company renowned for its contributions to the field of quantum technology through the development of state-of-the-art cryogenic systems. With a background that combines academic excellence with practical engineering expertise, Salmela brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the conference, especially for attendees interested in quantum technology’s infrastructural and operational aspects.

Salmela’s academic journey began with an MSc in Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology in 2006, followed by a PhD in Engineering Physics from Aalto University in 2012. His transition from academia to industry involved joining Bluefors as a Cryoengineer and Scientist, where he has significantly contributed to the company’s success in developing cryogenic solutions critical for quantum computing and other low-temperature research applications.

As Chief Technical Operations Officer, Salmela oversees Bluefors’ Services, encompassing customer care and aftersales, ensuring that clients receive optimal support for their cryogenic systems. His involvement in the patent council and leadership in product and product quality-related projects as a principal scientist further highlight his integral role in steering the company’s technological advancements and innovation.

At the IQT Nordics conference, Salmela is expected to share insights into the challenges and opportunities in developing and maintaining cryogenic systems for quantum technology applications, using his work at Bluefors as an example. His presentation will likely cover the importance of customer care and aftersales support in the quantum technology ecosystem, the role of patents and intellectual property in protecting and fostering innovation, and the impact of high-quality cryogenic solutions on the advancement of quantum computing.

IQT Nordics/Helsinki, June 24-26, Aalto University, Dipoli Building, Helsinki
The second annual Nordics conference partners with Bluefors, Business Finland, The Finnish Quantum Institute, and VTT and will focus on real-world quantum technology applications.

Register for the IQT Nordics Conference here.

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