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CFX Quantum Ecosystem to Be Powered with Blockchain & Quantum Computing

By IQT News posted 19 Aug 2020

(Coinspeaker) CFX Quantum is creating a disruptive ecosystem that is designed to help investors remain competitive in the financial markets. The principals of Quantum computing and the blockchain will power the ecosystem.
The CFX Quantum ecosystem is made up of three main parts. First, there is the CFX sharing ecosystem that allows ordinary retail investors to get the most out of their investment. The ecosystem ensures that retail traders can participate in the financial markets on an equal footing with major institutional investors with access to huge resources and the latest technology.
The second part of CFX that makes it unique is the use of Quantum-inspired technology via an exclusive agreement with SmartXchange and Fujitsu, which is based in Japan. They also have an exclusive agreement with a Khalifa University Research Team. Khalifa, based in the Emirates. The third and final part of CFX is a long-tested approach to market management with low or almost zero risk levels.
Access to CFX will be through the CFX Token. There will also be a wallet exchange accessible through a mobile device that comes with an easy-to-understand referral system built into it. The wallet exchange will support all major crypto coins and it will support fiat currencies as well.
The wallet exchange will allow users to buy CFX tokens and access the ZEROONE system. ZEROONE is an exclusive system that offers users monthly returns at zero risk. To do this, the team utilizes the latest advances in pre-quantum computing. The system will send links to all social contacts in real-time, which will be used to access appealing rewards at minimal effort.

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