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Quantum Machines’ QUA Beta Being Used in “Entire Spectrum” of Quantum Techologies

By IQT News posted 19 Aug 2020

(ComputerWeekly) Quantum Machines claims to be the creator of the first complete hardware and software solution for the control and operation of quantum computers.
This summer the company announced the launch of QUA as a standard universal language for Quantum Computing. QUA allows researchers (and, presumably, quantum developers) to program complex quantum programs that are tightly integrated with classical processing and real-time decision-making.
QUA’s beta version has been used by teams working on the ‘entire spectrum’ of quantum technologies available today including superconducting qubits, trapped ions & atoms, quantum dots and topological qubits.
According to the company, “A primary challenge with quantum research and development today is that every quantum computer has its own unique hardware, coded in the researchers’ language of choice. This results in teams spending inordinate amounts of time coding and programming new programs and algorithms, with any variation requiring either restarting the process or even re-routing the control hardware itself.”

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