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U of AZ Researchers Work to Ensure Accurate Decoding in Fragile Quantum States

By IQT News posted 19 Aug 2020

(News-Arizona.edu) Bane Vasić, a professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of the Error Correction Laboratory in the University of Arizona College of Engineering has been instrumental in developing a class of error correction code and is now partnering with Saikat Guha in the James C. Wyant College of Optical Sciences to test the feasibility of quantum LDPC codes in quantum computers for the first time.
“In this project, we are investigating methods where we don’t leave the quantum world, so all of the operations will also be quantum,” Vasić said. “We want to explore whether decoding can be done by processing quantum information.”
“The biggest advantage of LDPC codes is that they support these kinds of message-passing algorithms, which are fault tolerant,” Vasić said. “In quantum systems, we have to have fault tolerance, because, due to the higher level of noise, quantum gates are orders of magnitude noisier and more unreliable than classical logic gates.”
“This is a missing piece to realize quantum computers and networks,” Vasić said. “These quantum LDPC codes are the next generation of codes that will be used, but we have to develop algorithms to decode efficiently and fault-tolerantly.”

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