(IBM.Blog) IBM is the leader in U.S. patents for the 27th year running.
In quantum computing, IBM patented novel methods to ensure the frequencies of quantum bits, or qubits, can’t be changed. When two qubits are linked – entangled – their frequencies must be similar, but not the same. Keeping the frequencies unchangeable makes qubits more stable. This is crucial to get us closer to achieving quantum advantage, when a quantum computer will outperform a traditional computer in a useful task. When that happens, quantum computers should help us simulate molecules with incredible precision, boosting the development of new materials and life-saving drugs, and revolutionize the fields of cryptography and finance. IBM’s scientists secured more quantum computing patents than any other company last year.
IBM’s inventors were awarded 9,262 U.S. patents – topping, once again, the list for the most U.S. patents received, for the 27th year running. That’s the most patents ever given to a company in a single year and brings the total number of IBM’s U.S. patents to over 140,000.

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IBM’s Dr. Robert Sutor, IBM VP of Quantum Ecosystem Development, will keynote.