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The Value of Being a Quantum- Optimization Agnostic: Part Two

By Amara Graps posted 27 Dec 2022

The Value of Being a Quantum- Optimization Agnostic: Part Two

This is the second article in a two-part series.  The Value of Being a Quantum Optimization Agnostic: Part One (https://www.insidequantumtechnology.com/news-archive/the-value-of-being-a-quantum-optimization-agnostic-part-one/) was published December 15, 2022.

Molecular Optimization- the Use Case that Led to a Spin-Off: Good Chemistry

A significant part of 1QBit’s early optimization algorithms followed the quantum annealing, Ising model, and paradigm. Therefore, the Molecular Hamiltonian, which Arman Zaribafiyan presented in June 2020 that was optimized using the hybrid-VQE algorithm with a gate-based quantum computer (IBM), was a surprise to me. Arman Zaribafiyan is formerly first employee of 1QBit, now Founder and CEO of the Good Chemistry Company, spun-off in 2021-2. Zaribafiyan introduced in his talk, the VQE Hamiltonian mapping to IBM hardware using Kandala et al, 2017’s Hardware-efficient variational quantum eigensolver for small molecules and quantum magnets.

The following Fig. 6 illustrates a deeply connected VQE molecular optimization research community with Kandala’s paper as a central node. Kandala et al, 2017’s paper this Fall has >1500 citations, with nearby connected research nodes, in the many hundreds of citations, in a nested cluster of progressively fewer citations.

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