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The Value of Being a Quantum Optimization Agnostic: Part One

By Amara Graps posted 15 Dec 2022

Once upon a time in 2012, the company 1QBit was founded by two quantum-interested entrepreneurs from Minor Capital VCC, in an office above a local pub in Vancouver. The entrepreneurs were likely observing the activity in nearby Burnaby, British Columbia, of a group of physicists working, on what D-Wave’s Eric Ladizinsky described as his ‘Manhattan Project’, to create the first functioning quantum computer. In the previous year: 2011, D-Wave published a landmark paper by Johnson et al, which first described D-Wave’s flux qubits.

Here is a brief story of 1QBit’s journey with its Good Chemistry spin-off, for how to meet challenges and grow and adapt in the fast changing, cutting edge, quantum technology field, if you are a quantum software company.


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