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TechRepublic Survey Finds 11% of Enterprise Respondents Have an Excellent Understanding of Quantum Computing

By IQT News posted 03 Nov 2020

(TechRepublic) TechRepublic Premium recently conducted a survey to discover exactly what the enterprise thinks about quantum computing.
Overall, quantum computing remains an enigma for the majority of survey respondents, with 90% reporting that they had little to no understanding of the topic. Only 11% of the 598 respondents said they had an ‘excellent’ understanding of quantum computing.
In terms of industry impact, more than half of the respondents (58%) said quantum computing will have either a significant or somewhat of an impact on the enterprise. Exactly where that impact will be seen was less clear. According to 42% of survey respondents, the IT sector will benefit most, followed by the pharmaceutical and finance sectors at 14% and 12% respectively. Other cited industries included healthcare, energy, telecom, and manufacturing.
In terms of response to the question “How Well Do You Understand Quantum Computing?”
Excellent: 11%
Limited: 48%
Little to None: 42%
None: no information was provided on the sample “enterprise” population surveyed–at least in this article.


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