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QCI’s Mukai Delivers Simplified Access to D-Wave’s New Advantage Quantum Computer

By IQT News posted 03 Nov 2020

(HPC.Wire) Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI) now offers simplified access to D-Wave’s new Advantage quantum computer (QC) via its industry-leading Mukai quantum software development and execution platform.
D-Wave announced that Advantage has more than doubled the qubit count over its predecessor, the 2000Q, to more than 5,000 qubits, and provides 2.5 times more connectivity between qubits. As the quantum world’s equivalent of the classical integrated circuit, a qubit can be potentially more powerful for certain high-level business applications than the integrated circuit, since it involves controlling and manipulating nature’s smallest objects — single atoms and photons, rather than electronic switches — to create on/off states that process information.
“Mukai was ready to use with Advantage within 48 hours following its release, demonstrating our ability to support the latest quantum processors as quickly as they become available,” stated QCI chief technology officer, Michael Booth. “Mukai continues to support easy, direct connections to the widest selection of the world’s top quantum computers, which, in addition to D-Wave, include those offered by IonQ, IBM and Rigetti.”

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