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Summit: “The Future of Quantum Computing, Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Sensors”

By IQT News posted 08 Jan 2019

(InsideQuantumTechnology) Inside Quantum Technology is presenting a major conference in Boston on March 19-21st focusing on the commercialization of quantum computing, quantum cybersecurity, quantum sensors and other quantum components technologies.There are numerous conferences covering the technical aspects of quantum technology; this summit is the first to focus on where money will be made and lost as quantum technology is commercialized. Inside Quantum Technology is the leading industry analyst firm providing market reports, consulting and forecasts covering the quantum technology area.
For more details of the conference, the conference website can be found by clicking here, where you can also register for the conference.
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What Attendees Can Expect
• Deeper insight into where quantum computers are in terms of practical implementation. Will we have to wait for quantum dominance before quantum computers will become truly useful? The answer is no!
• Understanding on how quantum computing will take decision making in business and research to new levels of effectiveness as quantum computing makes a profound impact on AI, machine learning and Blockchain. Which companies and research institutions will take commercial quantum computing to the next level?
• Guidance on the latest on quantum cryptography’s role in protecting military, government and business secrets. What kind of information must be protected now and what can wait until quantum computing threats have evolved much further? What will be the mix of quantum key distribution, or post quantum cryptography in the coming Quantum Internet?
• Improved understanding of the development of quantum sensor, quantum memory and repeater technology. What products in these categories are expected to succeed in the next few years?
• Receive clarity on government policy initiatives, funding programs and networking efforts designed to promote quantum technology in North America, Europe and Asia.
• Market forecasts – attendees will hear about the future potential of quantum technology through several sessions presented by IQT analysts, including up-to-date forecasts of penetration and revenue generation.
• Education – there will be two pre-conference workshops.
• Network with speakers and other attendees to exchange experiences and conduct business.

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