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Scientists Move Quantum Optic Networks Closer to Reality

By IQT News posted 09 Jan 2019

(Phys.org) Scientists at Argonne, the University of Chicago and Northwestern Universityhave moved quantum optic networks a step closer to reality. The ability to precisely control the interactions of light and matter at the nanoscale could help such a network transmit larger amounts of data more quickly and securely than an electrical network. The group has successfully surmounted the significant challenges of measuring how nanoplatelets, which consist of two-dimensional layers of cadmium selenide, interact with light in three dimensions.
Some of the nanoplatelets for this research, which have remarkably uniform thickness, were synthesized in chemistry professor Dmitri Talapin’s University of Chicago laboratory. Talapin is another co-author of the paper and has a joint appointment with Argonne. “They have precise atomic-level control of nanoplatelet thickness,” Ma said of Talapin’s research group.

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