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Riverlane Announces Collaboration with Fragment-Based Drug Discovery Company Astex

By IQT News posted 27 May 2020

(Riverlane) Riverlane has announced their latest collaboration with leading fragment-based drug discovery company Astex, to demonstrate the future potential of quantum chemistry.
Riverlane builds software to unleash the power of quantum computers. Chemistry is a key application in which quantum computing can be of significant value, as high-level quantum chemistry calculations can be solved far faster than using classical methods.
Astex Pharmaceuticals applies innovative solutions to treat cancer and diseases of the central nervous system.The two companies will join forces to combine their expertise in quantum computing software and quantum chemistry applications to speed up drug development and move us closer to quantum advantage.
As part of the collaboration, Astex are funding a post-doctoral research scientist at Riverlane. They will apply very high levels of quantum theory to study the properties of covalent drugs, in which protein function is blocked by the formation of a specific chemical bond.So far in this field of research, only empirical methods and relatively low levels of quantum theory have been applied. Riverlane will provide access to specialised quantum software to enable simulations of the target drug-protein complexes.

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