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House Bill Would Mandate Comprehensive Probe into Quantum Computing Landscape

By IQT News posted 27 May 2020

(NextGov) Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-Va.has introduced legislation to promote U.S.-led advancements within—and increase the government’s understanding of—the global quantum computing landscape.
If passed, the Advancing Quantum Computing Act would mandate the Commerce Department’s secretary and other appropriate federal agency officials to complete a comprehensive study that incorporates four separate surveys, holistically honing in on the state of quantum computing and its potential impacts on U.S. commerce and society.
The bill seeks to improve federal officials’ grasp of how quantum computing can benefit the economy and help track and mitigate risks to the supply chain.
Within two years of the act’s passage, the Commerce secretary would need to team up with those deemed appropriate across the government and conduct four quantum-focused surveys.
1) The first is “a survey of quantum computing,” which would establish lists of industry sectors leaning into quantum computing and public-private partnerships that support quantum adoption.
2) The second survey would address “federal activity related to” the technology. This examination would “identify all interagency activities related to quantum computing,” and establish an exhaustive list of agencies and departments asserting jurisdiction over public and private quantum-focused activities.
3) Next comes an “international survey” that would lead to the creation of “a compendium [of] at least ten and not more than 15 countries.”
4) The final survey would focus on the marketplace and supply chain of quantum computing, aiming to assess the current, emerging, and long-term risks posed to each. It would also offer up a review of how foreign governments or others might have the ability to exploit that supply chain and marketplace—and therefore threaten U.S. national and economic security.
In the half-year that follows the completion of the study, the secretary and others involved would be expected to provide the House Energy and Commerce and Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation committees with the results of their findings.

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