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Researchers Measure Accuracy of Two-Qubit Operations in Silicon for First Time

By IQT News posted 14 May 2019

(ScienceAlert) Scientists have measured the accuracy of two-qubit operations for the first time in silicon, bringing the world a big step closer to reliable quantum computing. The team was able to refine the fidelity of their two-qubit logic gate to a threshold of up to 98 percent.
That the researchers were able to achieve this in silicon – the material commonly used for conventional computer chips – demonstrates that the same substance could also be used in future quantum computers one day, in far more powerful logic systems comprised of millions of qubits, the team suggests.
“Two-qubit fidelities reaching the required limits for fault-tolerance are therefore within reach and underpin silicon as a technology platform with good prospects for scalability to the large numbers of qubits needed for universal quantum computing,” the team led by nanoelectronics researcher Andrew Dzurak from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia, explained.

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