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Qualcomm Project in Amsterdam Combines Quantum Field Theory with Learning AI

By IQT News posted 14 May 2019

(TechNewsWorld) Qualcomm recently hosted a coming-out event for some of Qualcomm’s latest processors, a massive update on its artificial intelligence effort (which included an innovative Quantum element), and a connection to 5G most likely didn’t see coming. This article is a must read for techies with its extensive review of presentations made at the event from multiple technology companies.
5G is expected to move aggressively into the market, with near-complete major metropolitan coverage by the end of the year. One factor that will drive 5G’s massive traffic increase, a 10x increase over today, will be a massive jump in intelligent networked devices. To keep traffic down so the network doesn’t experience a massive bottleneck, it will be necessary to push intelligence to the network edge.
Qualcomm discussed its project in Amsterdam that uses quantum field theory with deep learning AIs. Apparently, Qualcomm has developed a new type of neural network based on this approach, which is far more capable of dealing with 3D objects that are perceived by 360-degree cameras.
Qualcomm isn’t planning on developing a quantum computer — yet — but this is the application of quantum math to abstract a distorted image to remove the distortion. This could have far broader applications than we currently realize, as it could revolutionize security cameras and optical sensors on a large variety of hardware.
This is potentially a massive game-changer, because it would provide a real-time way to enhance image quality and improve AI recognition significantly.
NOTE: The source article is a must read for techies with its extensive review of presentations made at the Qualcomm event.

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