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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 54: Silicon Spin Quantum Computing with Stephanie Simmons, Chief Quantum Officer, Photonic

By Christopher Bishop posted 09 Aug 2023

Chris Bishop’s latest Quantum Tech Pod with Dr. Stephanie Simmons, Chief Quantum Officer at Photonic is live!

Stephanie describes herself as a “quantum native” – she was a huge nerd growing up and was upset that her parents only introduced her to programming at age nine! She came across quantum when she was 16 and has been heads down into it ever since. She is looking forward to a future with many more quantum natives!

Her perspective is that human progress is always anchored in the commercialization of various branches of physics – which has led us to where we are today exploring quantum!

Photonic is working the middle ground between silicon photonics and silicon spins to create a silicon spin interface. Since spin qubits are essentially unpaired electrons, they are brilliant qubits. This approach will allow users to fill rooms with modular rack-mountable devices that can scale across a whole data center.

Check out Chris’s fascinating conversation with Dr. Stephanie Simmons!

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