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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 47: Brian Lenahan & Kenna Hughes-Castleberry Discuss Their Book ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’

By Christopher Bishop posted 05 Apr 2023

Chris Bishop’s latest Quantum Tech Pod features Brian Lenahan and Kenna Hughes-Castleberry discussing their latest book “On the Shoulders of Giants which shares stories of 10 unsung heroes in quantum physics, engineering, and mathematics.

Brian is the Founder & Chair of the Quantum Strategy Institute and the author of two seminal books on quantum and business. Kenna is a science journalist and podcaster who currently works as the Science Communicator at JILA. She also writes for Inside Quantum Technology as a freelance staff editor.

Worth noting that most of the subjects for this book come from a non white male background, offering new role models to inspire the next generation of the quantum workforce and encourage them to break current stereotypes. You can order the book on Amazon. Check out this very interesting conversation!

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