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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 46: Andrew Dzurak, Diraq CEO and Founder

By Christopher Bishop posted 29 Mar 2023

Chris Bishop’s latest Quantum Tech Pod with Andrew Dzurak, CEO & Founder, Diraq is live! Andrew was a key participant over 20 years ago in establishing the Australian Research Council Centre for Quantum Computer Technology. Along with his colleague Andrea Morello, they demonstrated the world’s first silicon quantum bits (qubits) in 2012.

Today, they are world leaders in building quantum processors using electron spins in CMOS quantum dots. Their goal is to drive qubit numbers on a single chip to the billions, compared to the hundreds of qubits that exist today.

His company’s SMART qubit protocol delivers extended coherence times using so-called ‘dressed’ qubits that rock back and forth like a metronome rather than spinning in circles – delivering coherence times of more than 230 microseconds. Take a listen to this great conversation!

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