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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 4: Denise Ruffner, IonQ

By IQT News posted 23 Aug 2021

Inside Quantum Technology podcast host Chris Bishop speaks to Denise Ruffner, the VP for Business Development of IonQ, Inc., which is the first pure-play quantum company to go public. She is also the President of the Women in Quantum Chapter of OneQuantum, a quantum network dedicated to promoting and creating a community for the women in the quantum industry.
Denise reviewed her “quantum journey” by explaining she worked at IBM for 18 years where she was an early employee of the quantum team. Her responsibilities included the startup program, the ambassador program and she gave presentations around the world about IBM Quantum.
At that time, Denise wanted to try something more entrepreneurial and first went to quantum software and then after a year to IonQ, which is a “different modality” than IBM. Basics of IonQ solution. . IonQ makes a quantum compouter modality trapped Ions. She explained that the ‘Trapped Ion solution runs at room temperature and reduces the size of device.  IonQ has an aggressive road map, Denice emphasized.
She also discussed IonQ’s application team and said she is “very impressed with the applications team” and commented “They move projects along very quickly”.
Denise also shared that she grew up in Southern California and her mother is a physicist.

IQT hopes that our conversation with Denise Ruffner will make this an interesting, informative and worthwhile talk for you.

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