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Quantum News Briefs: April 16, 2024: Qunnect Achieves Record-Breaking Performance for Distributing Polarization Qubits on GothamQ Network in NYC; Q-CTRL Hires Defense Industry Leader to Expand Business Partnerships in the U.S. and U.K.; National University of Singapore (NUS) Researchers Develop New Design For Creating Next-Generation Quantum Materials; China’s New Quantum Computer Armors Up Against Potential Threats; “Wall Street Favorites: 3 Quantum Computing Stocks with Strong Buy Ratings for April 2024”; and MORE!

IQT News — Quantum News Briefs
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 16 Apr 2024

Quantum News Briefs: April 16, 2024: Press release summaries below: 

Qunnect Achieves Record-Breaking Performance for Distributing Polarization Qubits on GothamQ Network in NYC

Qunnect Logo (PRNewsfoto/Qunnect)

Qunnect, a pioneering company in quantum-secure networking technology, today revealed new results for GothamQ, its quantum network, which utilizes existing commercial fiber optic cables. In a recent test, GothamQ successfully exceeded prior benchmarks by facilitating the distribution of polarization-based quantum entanglement, achieving remarkable rates of preservation and fidelity. These results not only demonstrate the effectiveness of Qunnect’s network components in maintaining high-quality entanglement over long periods but also underscore their practical applicability in real-world settings. This significant achievement, disclosed on World Quantum Day 2024, marks a crucial advancement in developing quantum networks capable of supporting sophisticated applications beyond secure communications.

Q-CTRL Hires Defense Industry Leader to Expand Business Partnerships in the U.S. and U.K.


Q-CTRL, a leader in quantum infrastructure software, announced the appointment of Vince McBeth as Principal of Business Development Defense and Public Sector on April 16, 2024. With over 22 years of experience in the aerospace and defense sectors, McBeth will guide Q-CTRL’s business development strategies in Washington, D.C., and the UK, focusing on the 2021 AUKUS trilateral security partnership. His previous roles include serving as a White House Fellow to President George W. Bush and various senior naval positions. At Q-CTRL, McBeth will leverage his extensive background to promote the company’s innovative software-defined quantum sensors to enhance operational awareness and decision-making in defense applications, particularly in environments where traditional GPS is compromised. This strategic hire highlights Q-CTRL’s commitment to enhancing its technological footprint in the U.S. and UK defense sectors.

National University of Singapore (NUS) Researchers Develop New Design For Creating Next-Generation Quantum Materials 

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Researchers at the National University of Singapore have made a significant stride in quantum material science by developing a butterfly-shaped magnetic nanographene designed to facilitate the advancement of quantum computing technologies. This innovative structure, characterized by its unique arrangement of carbon atoms and hosting highly correlated spins, holds promise for revolutionizing information processing and high-density storage. Led by Associate Professor Lu Jiong and Professor Wu Jishan, the team’s creation leverages the magnetic properties of nanoscale graphene, which could potentially serve as the foundation for quantum bits in future quantum computers. The research, recently published in Nature Chemistry, highlights the potential of magnetic nanographene to host complex quantum networks, a critical step toward scalable quantum computing architectures.

China’s New Quantum Computer Armors Up Against Potential Threats 

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China has enhanced the security of its superconducting quantum computer, Origin Wukong, with a new “anti-quantum attack shield,” an advanced encryption technology designed to protect against potential quantum computing breaches. This development is a significant step in the quantum computing race, particularly as Origin Wukong was recently made accessible to global users, contrasting the restricted access to US quantum computers for users in China. Developed by Origin Quantum, this protective technology aims to safeguard the computer’s operational data by replacing conventional public-key cryptography systems, which are vulnerable to decryption by quantum computers. Implementing this technology underscores China’s commitment to advancing in the field of quantum computing, positioning Origin Wukong, named after the mythical Monkey King, at the forefront of this critical technological arena.

In Other News: HPCWire article: “Crossing the Quantum Threshold: The Path to 10,000 Qubits” 

Media Partners — Supercomputing Frontiers Europe 2018

In a recent HPCWire article, quantum writer Yuval Boger highlights that the quantum computing industry is actively pursuing the milestone of 10,000 physical qubits, a target that promises to unlock significant computational capabilities with over 100 logical qubits. This expansion, as explained by Yuval Boger of QuEra Computing, marks a crucial shift from experimental uses to practical applications. Logical qubits involving multiple physical qubits for robust error correction are key to performing complex, longer computations with lower error rates. Recent advancements suggest diverse approaches to this goal, with superconducting, photonic, trapped ion, and neutral atom technologies each facing unique challenges but steadily progressing towards enhancing quantum computational power and efficiency. This development represents a pivotal era in quantum computing, moving closer to achieving practical, real-world applications that surpass current classical computing systems.

In Other News: Investor Place article: “Wall Street Favorites: 3 Quantum Computing Stocks with Strong Buy Ratings for April 2024” 

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According to a new Investor Place article, Wall Street is closely monitoring three notable quantum computing stocks showing promise amidst the industry’s growing investment appeal. Nvidia, recognized for its leadership in AI chip production, is also making significant strides in the quantum space with its advanced Tensor Core GPUs and cuQuantum software development kit. With its history of quantum developments dating back to 2006, Alphabet continues to innovate with its quantum computer Sycamore, which recently achieved new computational milestones. Meanwhile, Honeywell is expanding its technological repertoire beyond its traditional industrial base, strategically investing in quantum computing technologies and startups like Quantinuum. As the quantum computing sector evolves, these companies are well-positioned to capitalize on the advancements and potential new markets these powerful technologies open.

In Other News, Seeking Alpha article: “IonQ: Significant Potential, Much Uncertainty” 

logo-seeking-alpha - KCDPR : KCDPR

IonQ’s stock has plummeted over 60% since September 2023, largely due to concerns sparked by the departure of its co-founders and ongoing uncertainties about when it will become profitable, says a new Seeking Alpha article. As an early commercial-stage manufacturer of quantum computers, IonQ has achieved a quantum computer with 36 algorithmic qubits and aims to develop a 64-qubit system by 2025. Despite the turmoil, IonQ has sufficient funds to maintain operations until 2027, showcasing its resilience and potential for future growth in the quantum computing industry. This financial stability could provide a cushion as it navigates the challenges of transforming quantum advancements into viable commercial applications, aiming to secure a more stable footing in the burgeoning market of quantum technology.

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