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Quantum Machines acquires QDevil to expand its offerings

By Dan O'Shea posted 31 Mar 2022

Quantum Machines has made an acquisition that will allow it to check off almost all the boxes in the full quantum computing stack, save for cooling fridges and quantum processing units. The Tel Aviv, Israel-based company, which enables control and operations systems for quantum computers, acquired QDevil, which offers auxiliary electronics and specialized components that work at the ultra-low temperatures QPUs require.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, though Quantum Machines said the addition of about 20 QDevil employees has allowed Quantum Machines to push past the milestone of 100 employees.

Quantum Machines via email more acquisitions could be possible as it continues on an aggressive expansion track. “Quantum Machines has great growth ambitions and is focused on helping quantum researchers and engineers that develop, build, and integrate quantum computers achieve their goals fastest with breakthrough technology,” the company said. “We are always pushing our thinking on the best ways of doing that, which may include more acquisitions of the best technologies out there.”

The statement added, “QDevil’s voltage source (the QDAC series) provides ultra-low-noise control of the channels needed for tuning qubits for optimal performance.”

It also stated, “The combination of QM’s and QDevil’s existing products and product pipeline will move us towards providing the entire quantum computing stack, except for the cryogenic fridges and the actual quantum devices [chips], so that our customers can focus on the qubit device itself and not the rest of the tech stack.”

QDevil will become the Auxiliary Electronics Division of Quantum Machines, and the company plans to expand QDevil’s Copenhagen, Denmark, headquarters location. Quantum Machines also will also integrate the QDevil’s products for cryogenic technology for enhancing qubit performance into the existing QOP (QM’s Quantum Orchestration Platform) “to provide customers ever-improving control solutions with unparalleled performance,” according to Quantum Machines.

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