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Quantum Computing Weekend Update May 15-20

By Sandra Helsel posted 20 May 2023

Quantum Computing Weekend Update May 15-20: Enjoy the best articles from InsideQuantumTechnology.com from this week as well as news that developed today.  IQT news, research and events are always up to date and meticulously curated.

Asger Jensen; NKT Photonics will speak at IQT Nordics 2023

Wendy Hinchey; CEO, High Q Technologies Inc. will speak on “Quantum Sensors in the Military and Intelligence Communities – The Rise of Dual Use Technologies” at IQT Canada 2023

IonQ posts solid Q1 numbers, raises 2023 full-year outlook

Yoshua Bengio,  Professor, Department of Computer Science and Operations Research – Université de Montreal; Founder and Scientific Director of Mila and Scientific Director of IVADO; will speak at IQT Canada 2023

Julie Lefebvre Director General of the Security and Disruptive Technologies, Advanced Electronics & Photonics, & Nanotechnologies Research Centers, National Research Council of Canada (NRC) will speak at IQT Canada 2023

Quantum Delta NL Presents Quantum Meets ’23: Five Days of Global Quantum Community Meetups in the Netherlands

Agnostiq offers commercial version of Covalent Cloud for managing HPC, quantum resources

Etienne De Montigny; Defense Scientist, Defense Research and Development Canada, Department of National Defense; will speak at IQT Canada 2023

Louise Turner, Interim CEO, Quantum Algorithms Institute, will speak on “Quantum Hubs in Canada” at IQT Canada 2023

LightSolver says lasers top classical, quantum for optimization

Amanda Chew Director of Product, Horizon Quantum Computing will speak at IQT Canada 2023

Gilles Brassard Scientific Director, INTRIQ will give “Session Keynote” & speak on “AI and Quantum: Their Mutual Benefits” at IQT Canada 2023

Aria becomes IonQ’s second quantum system on Amazon Braket cloud

Lilian Childress; Associate Professor of Physics, McGill University & Member, INTRIQ; will speak at IQT Canada 2023

Rainer Iraschko; Principal Technology Architect, TELUS; will speak at IQT Canada 2023

D-Wave’s revenue dips, but bookings, deal size jump

Inside Quantum Technology’s “Inside Scoop:” Quantum-Trained AI

Sandra K. Helsel, Ph.D. has been researching and reporting on frontier technologies since 1990.  She has her Ph.D. from the University of Arizona.

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