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QCI Launches Free Trial of Mukai Quantum Computing Application Platform

By IQT News posted 23 Jun 2020

Quantum Computing Inc., a technology leader in quantum-ready applications and tools, is launching a free trial of its industry-leading Mukai™ quantum computing software execution platform.
The trial will enable developers and organizations to discover how they can migrate their existing applications to quantum-ready solutions today and realize superior performance even when running their solutions on classical (Intel® or AMD processor-based) computers.
As a further benefit, quantum-ready applications developed with Mukai will be ready to run on the quantum computers of tomorrow when they achieve their anticipated performance advantage. This benefit preserves an organization’s investment in early quantum software development and ensures a competitively faster time-to-market when superior quantum performance arrives.
The introduction of the trial follows the recent publication of a benchmark study that showed that Mukai achieved best-in-class performance and has delivered on its promise of performance advantages using quantum computing software tools running on classical computers.
While future quantum computers are expected to deliver even greater performance benefits, the study revealed that Mukai delivers today the best-known quality of results, time-to-solution, and diversity of solutions in a commercially available service.
This means that Mukai can provide better results than currently used software to solve complex optimization problems faced by nearly every major company and government agency worldwide. This breakthrough in performance eliminates one of the greatest obstacles to the development.
“We see quantum computers working together with classical systems to provide superior performance than classical systems can achieve alone,” noted QCI’s vice president of product development, Steve Reinhardt. “Our Mukai platform enables developers to create applications that benefit from quantum advantage without having to know anything about the backend connections to a quantum computer. By providing this trial access, we are hoping to encourage and facilitate application development to solve real world problems—and not tomorrow but today.”

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