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JPMorgan Chase Demonstrates Growing Expertise in Quantum Computing in New Report Detailing Recent Experiments

By IQT News posted 23 Jun 2020

(Barrons) JPMorgan Chase published data last week about one of its quantum-computing experiments demonstrating the bank’s growing expertise in that realm.
“In this paper, we present a novel, canonical way to produce a quantum oracle from an algebraic expression,” the authors of the JPMorgan paper wrote. That’s a mouthful. Canonical, in this instance, appears to mean authoritative. And according to Microsoft, a quantum oracle is a “is a black box operation that is used as input to another algorithm.”
The use of a quantum oracle, in this instance, makes doing complicated math with fibonacci numbers easier than with traditional computing systems. Fibonacci numbers form a sequence in which each number is the sum of the prior two. The sequences have applications in investing and information security, among other areas.
The Morgan team ran their experiment on “the new Honeywell computer based on trapped-ion technology with quantum volume 64.”
It is a little mind bending. But paying attention early will give investors an edge down the road.

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