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QCI Announces Further Details About Mukai Middleware Platform – The Quantum Computing Application Enabler

By IQT News posted 26 Feb 2020

(GlobeNewswire) Quantum Computing Inc. (OTC:QUBT) (“QCI”), an advanced technology company developing quantum-ready applications and tools, announced further details regarding its recently released Mukai quantum application development platform.
Quantum Computing Inc.’s (QCI) mission is developing quantum-ready software applications, analytics, and tools to deliver superior performance – today. QCI’s market is users who want practical benefit from quantum computers for their production workloads as soon as possible and have limited time to develop deep in-house quantum-computing proficiency. QCI believes that the startling advances in quantum-computer hardware must be matched by similar advances in quantum-computer software to ensure quantum computers deliver practical benefit quickly. QCI enables the creation of quantum-ready applications that provide superior performance today and will immediately accelerate when production quantum computers become a reality, without tailoring the application to a particular vendor’s quantum-computer hardware.
QCI launched its Mukai Middleware software, its quantum application development platform, in January 2020. Mukai can be used to solve extremely complex optimization problems, which are at the heart of some of the most difficult computing challenges in industry and government. Its software stack enables developers to create and execute quantum-ready applications on classical computers and current quantum annealers, while being ready to run on quantum computers when those systems can achieve performance advantage. QCI has already demonstrated superior performance for applications built on Mukai running on classical computers. Mukai enables application development in a wide range of domains that can benefit from improved optimization capabilities: fintech, pharmaceutical, logistics and supply chain, autonomous vehicles, energy efficiency and a variety of other areas.
Discrete combinatorial optimization is one high-value class of problems expected to benefit greatly from quantum computers, and techniques for exploiting quantum computers for optimization have been deeply explored, evidenced by the work on quantum annealers by early D-Wave researchers and on gate-model QCs by researchers of the Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm (QAOA). QCI’s first software product, the Mukai software stack, is centered on the quadratic unconstrained binary optimization (QUBO) formulation well known to quantum annealing users.

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