(GlobeNewswire) Quantum Computing, Inc., a technology company focused on developing novel applications and solutions utilizing quantum and quantum-inspired computing to solve difficult problems in various industries, today announced the appointment of highly experienced and seasoned technology executives Michael Booth and Steve Reinhardt to serve as the Company’s new Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Product Development respectively. Mr. Booth and Mr. Reinhardt will oversee QCI’s strategy in developing and delivering applications and products to market.
The Company is leveraging their collective expertise in finance, computing, security, mathematics, and physics to develop commercial applications for the financial and security sectors.“We are extremely pleased to have Mike and Steve join our team,” stated Robert Liscouski, Quantum Computing Inc. CEO. “Mike and Steve bring a wealth of experience to Quantum Computing Inc., that will provide us insight into the quantum computing hardware market that will be invaluable to us. We are indeed fortunate to have world class talent on board to enable Quantum Computing Inc. evolve into a leader in quantum applications development,” he stated.