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President, Honeywell India, Discusses Honeywell’s Entrance into Quantum Computing Sector & Predicts Multiple Disruptions from QC

By Bharath Selvaraj posted 29 Jun 2020

(FinancialExpress) Akshay Bellare, President, Honeywell India, discussed the firm’s transformation into a software industrial company and how it is moving towards more a industrial company and how it is moving towards more advanced offerings to increase the efficiency and productivity of processes.
Chowdhary discusses machine learning and artificial intelligence but turns to a lengthier explanation of Honeywell’s entrance into the quantum computing sector.
Our quantum computing future is built on our technology heritage. Honeywell has traditionally excelled in ‘controls’ hardware solutions and technologies, with expertise in cryogenics, lasers, micro-fabrication and magnetics. These components are the essen-tial basis for a quantum computer based on trapped ion technology. This is a key differentiator between the Honeywell system and the superconducting devices being built by companies such as IBM and Google.
Our team of more than 120 scientists, engineers, and developers have been working not only to develop the components necessary for a quantum computer, but to launch the most powerful commercially available quantum computer. We see quantum computing as a ‘controls problem’, designed for ‘controls related challenges,’ and controls is our specialty. Our quantum computer has demonstrated a quantum volume twice that of the alternative commercial systems available today, and our roadmap outlines a trajectory to increase our quantum volume by an order of magnitude every year over the next five years.
Quantum computers will disrupt multiple businesses, solving previously unapproachable problems and creating valuable solutions across industries. Any business challenge that has multiple variables at its core is a target problem for a quantum computer to tackle.
Honeywell Quantum Solutions has the goal to solve today’s ‘classically impractical’ challenges and tomorrow’s ‘classically impossible’ computation problems. Our system, with fully connected qubits and leading operational fidelities has a number of differentiating features enabling more complex simulations within the space.

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