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New Delhi Times: Quantum Computing Presents Challenges

By Bharath Selvaraj posted 29 Jun 2020

(NewDelhiTimes) Quantum computing has presented challenges. The first such challenge discussed in this article pertains to cybersecurity. There are two major sets of challenges that require collective action by the global community. First, quantum computing has the potential, if used maliciously, to break the systemically important cryptographic underpinnings of the infrastructure on which enterprises and the wider digital economy rely. This implies that the sheer calculating ability of a sufficiently powerful and error-corrected quantum computer means that public key cryptography is “destined to fail”, and would put the technology used to protect many of today’s fundamental digital systems and activities at risk.
Second, the geopolitics of quantum technology could act as a barrier to unlocking its full value. To be more elaborate, national security concerns over sovereignty, and maintaining control over strategic capability, could also act as major barriers to unlocking the potential transformative value of quantum technology in the wider economy. Quantum technology has the potential to be game-changing for national security and the information race, and there is a real risk that competition will interfere with international collaboration and widen asymmetries in security and industrial capability.

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