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Prepare for a World of Quantum Haves and Have-Nots

By IQT News posted 05 Feb 2020

(LiveMint) In the not-so-distant future, the world will be divided into the quantum haves and have-nots. A thoughtful discussion here Rahul Matthan explains that it is imperative for India to makes every effort to stay in the quantum game if it is to have any hope of remaining relevant. He writes, “If India is to retain any measure of technological independence, we will need to ramp up our research in quantum computing and actively invest in the development of indigenous quantum computational capabilities.”
Though the allocation in this year’s budget is clearly part of a long-term national strategy, Matthan cannot help wonder whether it is, at least in some small measure, a response to Google’s recent announcement that it had achieved “quantum supremacy”—the ability to perform a calculation on a quantum computer that is impossible on a conventional computer. And the fear that India might, once again, be falling behind.
Matthan explains that the 13,000-odd words of India’s recent Union Budget speech was a paragraph that set aside ₹8,000 crore over five years for the National Mission on Quantum Technologies and Applications. In terms of significance, the implications are well worth considering.
Important: In the war for quantum supremacy, it is those who can understand and use the fundamental technologies behind quantum computing who will emerge dominant.

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