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IBM Research and Collaborating Universities Show Quantum Computers Can Flip the Script on Spin Chemistry

By IQT News posted 05 Feb 2020

(IBM) IBM’s research blog recounts a recent study, Simulation of Quantum Beats in Radical Pairs on a Noisy Quantum Computer.” In the study, IBM Research and the University of Notre Dame scientists—with help from students at Georgetown University, DePaul University, Illinois Institute of Technology and Occidental College in Los Angeles—used a cloud-based IBM Quantum computer to simulate how a chemical reaction outcome is controlled by the time evolution of the entangled state of the two reactants, and how this spin chemistry phenomenon is affected by the gradual loss of magnetization and dephasing caused by thermal fluctuations.
The results serve as a new use case for quantum computing. The study showed that qubit noise, typically an impediment to quantum computer use, can actually be an advantage over a classical computer for chemical simulations.

NOTE:  IBM’s Dr. Robert Sutor, VP of Quantum Ecosystem Development, will keynote the upcoming IQT Event in NYC. IBM is a Diamond Sponsor of the IQT Event as well.

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