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New Zealand Researcher uses Quantum Mechanics to Develop ‘Ry-Fi’, Potential Asset for Spy Agencies

By IQT News posted 28 Jul 2020

(NewZealandHerald) Dr Amita Deb in a lab at the Physics Department, University of Otago in New Zealand is about to receive a US patent for his “Ry-Fi” technology which uses fundamental quantum mechanics and was developed out of Otago University’s ultracold atoms lab. It’s predicted to become  be an asset for spy agencies, with the power to bury secret messages where eavesdroppers can’t find them.
The device is a world-first optical antenna that can convert data from radio to optical fibre communications – and without the need for any electronic devices.
“We see this being used as a specialised device for specific agencies, perhaps militaries or other departments with a need for secure information sharing,” said Deb.
“It’s able to intercept messages at specific frequencies across a huge range, meaning you have to know what frequency out of billions to be tuning into to access the information.”
“It essentially turns your message into a needle in a haystack for any potential eavesdroppers.”

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