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Korean Researchers Identify Quantum Nature of New Exciton State–Potential for Quantum Information & Quantum Computing

By IQT News posted 28 Jul 2020

(AZoQuantum) A team of researchers, headed by Professor Park Je-Geun from the Department of Physics and Astronomy in Seoul National University, has now identified a new kind of exciton state in NiPS3—a magnetic van der Waals material.
“The quantum nature of the new exciton state is unique and will attract a lot of attention for its potentials in the field of quantum information and quantum computing, to name only a few. Our work opens an interesting possibility of many magnetic van der Waals materials having similar quantum exciton states,” concluded Professor Park.
Excitons can flow just like electrons but produce light when the pair of electron and hole gets back together. They are capable of accelerating the overall data transmission circuits.
While things can invariably be done faster, nothing can beat light. Calculating with light rather than electricity is considered an advancement to increase the speed of computers.

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