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Michele Mosca, CEO and Co-founder of evolutionQ Inc. will Speak at IQT the Hague 202

Dr. Michelle Mosca, the CEO and co-founder of evolutionQ Inc., will speak at IQT the Hague in 2024.
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 18 Dec 2023

Dr. Michele Mosca, a distinguished figure in the realm of quantum computing and cybersecurity and the CEO and co-founder of evolutionQ Inc., is set to speak at the prestigious IQT conference in The Hague. Renowned for guiding academia, industry, and government through the challenges posed by the advent of quantum computers, Dr. Mosca has been instrumental in shaping the global conversation on cyber systems’ safety in this new era.

As a visionary entrepreneur, Dr. Mosca leads evolutionQ Inc., a company dedicated to aiding organizations in transitioning from quantum-vulnerable to quantum-safe systems and practices. This initiative reflects his deep understanding of the risks quantum computing poses to current cryptographic standards. In addition, he co-founded softwareQ Inc. to assist organizations in harnessing the transformative power of quantum computers.

Dr. Mosca’s academic journey in cryptography began with his Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo and continued with his Master of Science at Oxford University. He achieved his doctorate at Oxford, focusing on Quantum Computer Algorithms and cementing his expertise in this revolutionary field. Now as the leader for evolutionQ Inc., Mosca has a front row seat to how the quantum industry is expanding in the recent years.

A cornerstone of his career has been his role as a founder of the Institute for Quantum Computing and as a Professor in the Department of Combinatorics & Optimization at the University of Waterloo. Additionally, he is a founding member of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. His research interests predominantly lie in quantum computation and the development of cryptographic tools resilient against quantum technological advancements, which he implements at evolutionQ Inc.

Dr. Mosca’s exceptional contributions have been recognized through numerous awards and honors. These include being a Fellow of the Institute for Combinatorics and its Applications since 2000, being named one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 in 2010, receiving the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013, the SJU Fr. Norm Choate Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017, and being knighted as a Cavaliere in the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic in 2018.

As a prominent figure at IQT The Hague, Dr. Mosca is expected to provide invaluable insights into the future of quantum computing and its implications for cybersecurity. His unique blend of academic brilliance and practical entrepreneurial experience makes him a pivotal voice in navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by the quantum age.

IQT The Hague 2024 is the Netherlands’ fifth global conference and exhibition. The Hague is a Quantum Technology Event focusing on Quantum Networking and Quantum Security. Ten vertical topics encompassing more than 40 panel talks from over 100 speakers will provide attendees with a deep understanding of state-of-the-art developments of the future quantum internet and the current impact of quantum-safe technologies on cybersecurity and quantum computers.

The conference brings together corporate management, entrepreneurs, end users, technology providers, infrastructure partners, researchers, and investors working on current developments. IQT The Hague is organized by 3DR Holdings, IQT Research, QuTech, QIA (Quantum Internet Alliance), and Quantum Delta, who will bring leading organizations and professionals together in this important event. The April conference is “in-person” to ensure maximum networking and discussion will take place at the Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre in The Hague.

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