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Medical Data Successfully Protected by Quantum-Cryptography in Graz

By IQT News posted 07 Jan 2021

(Finance.Yahoo) The use case ‘Medical Data Protection Graz’ for quantum key distribution (QKD) in the framework of the EU-project OpenQKD is successfully proving the highest possible protection of the most sensitive data imaginable, medical records. Together with the Medical University Graz, the Hospital (Landeskrankenhaus) Graz II, fragmentiX and its partners managed to successfully set up the QKD and encryption hardware.
Pathologists from both institutions were enabled to exchange (mutually upload and retrieve) medical records and images securely. In each of the two connected institutions the data is split by a fragmentiX CLUSTER node into three fragments. Two of them are transmitted securely to different datacenters, run by Citycom Graz, protected by QKD. The third fragment is sent to a traditionally https-protected storage – simulating a commercial public S3 storage – located at Medical University Graz but reachable from both institutions. ITS is achieved by fragmentiX Secret Sharing, which renders a single fragment useless and protecting the transmission of two (out of three) fragments, using QKD.
This use case demonstrates secure data sharing of digital histological slides (up to 10 GB/image; big amounts of data), supplied by the Biobank Graz, linked with clinical and genetic data (highly sensitive data) between Medical University Graz and Hospital (Landeskrankenhaus) Graz II. The data sharing will enable harmonization and quality control of advanced diagnostics in context of personalized medicine and promote medical research.

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