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Abu Dhabi Strengthening Cyber-Security for the Age of Quantum Computers Via Technology Innovation Institute

By IQT News posted 07 Jan 2021

(Mashable) Abu Dhabi launched a research & development hub, Technology Innovation Institute last year, to nurture futuristic solutions. The facility already known for building a crypto library, has now joined forces with US’s Ivy League university Yale, to create cryptographic measures that can cope with powerful quantum computers.
Cryptographic algorithms being used as data security lockers in our age, will become obsolete against quantum computers, which can process data 100 million times faster than today’s supercomputers. The higher computing power will also help hackers cut through the web of algorithms around information even faster, and this threat will have to be addressed with more advanced solutions.
TII and Yale are developing post-quantum cryptography which can withstand the test of time, since quantum computers developed by Google and China are already battling for domination. The duo are also working on lightweight cryptography which will make make computations less complex and create hardware inspired by the human brain.

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