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KT partners with Toshiba Digital Solutions for quality evaluation of hybrid quantum cryptography communication

By Sandra Helsel posted 28 Mar 2022

(AjuBusinessDaily) Lim Chang-won reports on the recently announced partnership between South Koreas KT and Japan’s Toshiba Digital to evaluate hybrid quantum cryptography equipment. Inside Quantum Technology summarizes here.

In cooperation with its Japanese partners, KT, a major telecom company in South Korea, will carry out the quality evaluation of hybrid quantum cryptography communication using equipment from different manufacturers on a long-distance test network between Seoul and the southern port city of Busan.
Hybrid quantum cryptography communication was implemented between Seoul and Busan, using domestic equipment and technology from Toshiba Digital Solutions, a Japanese company that provides system integration services, and software solutions. It is the first time in the world to implement hybrid quantum cryptography communication in long-distance sections.

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The importance of cybersecurity in mobile communications will rise exponentially in the 5G era. Quantum cryptography has emerged as an essential solution for safeguarding critical information because it is impossible to copy data encoded in a quantum state. South Korean companies have tried to lead the standardization of quantum cryptographic communication technology.
KT and Toshiba Digital Solutions would operate an open QKDaaS testbet for two years from the second quarter of 2022 to expand a quantum industry ecosystem at home and abroad. The testbed operates in a section between Seoul and Daejeon to support the evaluation of quantum cryptography communication technology and the development of next-generation application services.

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