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Keysight Technologies is a Gold Exhibitor at IQT The Hague in April

KeySight Technologies is a Gold Sponsor for the IQT The Hague Conference in April in the Netherlands.
By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 17 Nov 2023

In April 2024, Keysight Technologies, a renowned electronic design and test solutions player, will proudly serve as a Gold Exhibitor at the Inside Quantum Technology Hague Conference. This prestigious event, scheduled for April 22-24, 2024, focuses on the rapidly evolving realms of quantum computing, quantum communications, and security. As a Gold Exhibitor, Keysight Technologies will play a pivotal role in showcasing cutting-edge developments and fostering discussions in these critical areas of quantum technology. The conference promises to be a significant gathering of industry experts, like Keysight, researchers, and businesses. It provides a platform for exploring the latest advancements and applications in quantum computing and its associated fields.

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To improve diversity and inclusivity in quantum education, Q-CTRL partners with the Quad Investors Network and IBM-HBCU Quantum Center to make quantum education more accessible.Single Quantum is a Gold Exhibitor at the IQT April conference at the Hague in the Netherlands.