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IQT The Hague Update: Bart Groothuis, Member of the European Parliament, is a 2024 Speaker

By Kenna Hughes-Castleberry posted 28 Mar 2024

The IQT The Hague conference, which focuses on the confluence of quantum technology, policy, and security, will feature Bart Groothuis, a distinguished Member of the European Parliament with a profound background in cybersecurity, digital strategy, and global security challenges. Groothuis’s educational journey spans prestigious institutions like Harvard Kennedy School, where he completed a certificate in Cybersecurity, emphasizing the critical intersection between technology and policy. His digital strategy and transformation studies at Nyenrode Business University and a focus on global security challenges at NATO Defence College Rome and geopolitics provide him with a holistic view of the digital and security landscapes.

Before his tenure in the European Parliament, Groothuis accumulated significant experience in the Dutch Ministry of Defence, where he participated in the Management Development Program for civilian officials, further solidifying his expertise in security and defense matters. His academic foundation in history and economics from Radboud University equips him with a deep understanding of the socio-economic contexts within which digital and security policies are formulated and implemented.

At the IQT The Hague conference, Groothuis is anticipated to shed light on the implications of quantum technologies for cybersecurity and international relations, using his work at the European Parliament as an example. His insights will likely cover the strategic importance of developing and implementing policies that harness the potential of quantum technologies and address the inherent security challenges they pose. Given his comprehensive background, Groothuis is uniquely positioned to discuss the convergence of technology, policy, and security in the age of quantum computing, offering valuable perspectives on how European and global entities can navigate the emerging quantum landscape.

IQT The Hague 2024 is the Netherlands’ fifth global conference and exhibition. The Hague is a Quantum Technology Event focusing on Quantum Networking and Quantum Security. Ten vertical topics encompassing more than 40 panel talks from over 100 speakers will provide attendees with a deep understanding of state-of-the-art developments of the future quantum internet and the current impact of quantum-safe technologies on cybersecurity and quantum computers.

The conference brings together corporate management, entrepreneurs, end users, technology providers, infrastructure partners, researchers, and investors working on current developments. IQT The Hague is organized by 3DR Holdings, IQT Research, QuTech, QIA (Quantum Internet Alliance), and Quantum Delta NL, who will bring leading organizations and professionals together in this important event. The April conference is “in-person” to ensure maximum networking and discussion at the Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre in The Hague.

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Jan Westerhues, Investment Partner at Bosch Ventures, is an IQT the Hague conference speaker in the Netherlands in April 2024.Ulf Öhlander, Program Manager for Transformative technologies at Vinnova is an IQT Nordics Conference Speaker in June 2024.