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IQT Europe Announces David Worrall, Head of Quantum Technology at Cambridge Quantum Computing, Will Speak on Panel ‘How Will Quantum Change the Current Internet Industry?’

By IQT News posted 30 Sep 2019

IQT Europe is fast approaching October 29-30 in the The Hague in the Louwman Museum. Your IQT Newsletter has launched a daily series profiling speakers and their companies.  Today, we feature David Worrall, Head of Quantum Technology at Cambridge Quantum Computing who will speak on the Panel: ‘How Will Quantum Change the Current Internet Industry?’ at 2:30 PM, October 30. Cambridge Quantum Computing is also an exhibitor, giving you the opportunity to speak indepth with corporate representatives. Click here for IQTEurope2019 details.
Established in 2014, Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) is a world leading independent quantum computing software company, with operations in US, Europe & Japan, and more than 50 scientists including 25+ PhD’s, in Quantum Computing (“QC”), Chemistry, Molecular Electronics, Physics, Maths, Computer Science, and Nanoscience. CQC builds tools for the commercialisation of quantum technologies whose long-term impact will be profound. CQC design solutions that benefit from quantum computing even in its earliest forms and allow the most effective access to these solutions for the widest variety of corporate and government users.
CQC combines expertise in quantum software, specifically a quantum development platform (t|ket⟩™), enterprise applications in the area of quantum chemistry (EUMEN), quantum machine learning (QML), and quantum augmented cybersecurity (IronBridge™).
David Worrall is Chief Architect of IronBridge™ and the Head of Quantum Technology at Cambridge Quantum Computing. Demonstrable track record of building and delivering mission critical security solutions for 25+ years. Holds a number of granted patents in the information security space. Accredited expert with wide ranging experience in large financial institutions, governments and multinational corporations, including the Ministry of Defence, UK Border Force, Citibank, and HSBC.

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